Our Tradition

Worship is the pre-eminent expression of our feelings about God

Articulated in action, through prayer, strengthened by the reading and explanation of sacred texts, using all of our senses, extended in music, and, for Christians, supremely demonstrated in the Eucharist, worship involves the whole of our being. Whether in an active or passive role all members of the community participate in worship.

Both through silent solitary prayer and adoration or in the exuberance of a community Easter celebration, worship forms the bedrock of all Christian life and supports all that then emanates into a daily life of loving service.

The church building is the place where the Church of God gathers, during the week but chiefly on Sunday. It is open every day as a quiet retreat for contemplation as well as for formal services. We offer a welcome, through our open door, to everyone, without exception, only asking that respect is shown to this place of worship. We are an inclusive community so please come in and experience an atmosphere of prayer and peace which has developed over many centuries.