Flower Arranging

Flowers, through their natural beauty, colour, design and fragrance enhance any environment. In Church they contribute to the atmosphere of worship.

Each week on the chancel steps and in the Lady Chapel, flower arrangements give a focus for meditation and often reinforce the season of the Church’s Year. The absence of flowers indicates a penitential season: Advent, Lent. These times are then followed by a major festival, Christmas and Easter, when, to highlight the contrast, the church is decorated with many more flowers.

At Easter flowers are white and gold: the white are usually lilies given by members of the congregation in memory of loved ones. In addition there are about eight pedestals around the church and special ones in front of the statue of Our Lady. Christmas gives many opportunities for imaginative displays, using red and gold, and constructing arrangements on the windowsills. As an urban church we try, at Harvest time, to have mostly greenery to symbolise the fruits of the Earth and we incorporate food items into the displays.

The flowers remain in place for a week after each festival and the church is open to encourage members of the community to come in and enjoy their beauty.

Throughout the year the flowers and their accessories are financed centrally.

Flowers may be commissioned by people for significant occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries and funerals. Special floral arrangements can be created, payed for by the person requesting them, after discussion with the leader of the team.

Under an artistic and inspirational leader, a devoted team of volunteer flower arrangers work together to ensure that worship through the year is enhanced by their expertise. The team also contribute displays for Flower Festivals at Rochester Cathedral and other local churches. Each week a volunteer looks after the watering and other essential tasks. New volunteers are always needed and help is given to develop talent. Do contact the office in the first instance if you would like to find out more.