Beckenham as a settlement dates from 862. There is rumour of an early wooden church but it is generally accepted that there was a church in Beckenham from before 1070. The earliest record is in the Textus Roffensis (1115 – 1125), which is held at Rochester Cathedral. There is no information about this church. Building of the medieval church began in 1340. Initially the church comprised of a chancel and nave with a square tower. There are registers of baptisms, marriages, and burials from 1538, many of which are held at the county records office.



Our statement on contested heritage:

“As part of our continuing commitment to diversity and inclusion, we acknowledge that some items in St George’s Church commemorate people who supported and benefited from slavery and ideologies that are wrong. We are committed to being inclusive in all aspects of life. Artefacts may include references which allude to cultural views typical of their time. We hope to be able to help people to understand how these harmful ideas and actions had an adverse influence on society then and continue to cause distress today.”


St George’s offers a number of opportunities to take guided tours of the church and its monuments please contact the office for details 0208 663 6996.  (Covid 19 compliance is mandatory)

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