As the seasons of the natural world change through the year, so the Church observes a series of seasons

Trinity Sunday is a Solemnity in the liturgical calendar (Feast Day of the highest rank) and is held on the Sunday following Pentecost.  On this day we reflect on the Doctrine of the Trinity – God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In the Church of England Ordinary Time (ordered or numbered Sundays) occurs twice in the Church’s year. The first section is after Candlemas and lasts until Ash Wednesday. Because of the way Easter is calculated this is a different number of Sundays each year.

The second portion of Ordinary Time begins after Pentecost and is called the Trinity Season. It lasts until Advent.  You can tell when we are in Ordinary time because the vestments are green.

This is the longest season of the Church’s year. During this time there are various commemorations of saints and other occasions, one of the first being Corpus Christi which is celebrated on the first Thursday after Trinity Sunday. In this season we study the life of Jesus: his teaching and ministry. Aspects of the Christian life are also themes that run through the readings.