As the seasons of the natural world change through the year, so the Church observes a series of seasons

Holy Week and Easter

This most precious of weeks enables us to enter into the mystery of the Love that two thousand years ago gave us the gift of eternal life and every day brings the hope of forgiveness and new beginnings into our world.

It begins on Palm Sunday as we mark the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with the blessing of palms.


Then, on Maundy Thursday, we recall the night when Jesus and his disciples gathered to celebrate the Passover. Here Jesus washed his disciple’s feet and celebrated the first Eucharist. Afterwards they went to the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was arrested.

The following day, Good Friday, Jesus was tried by Pilate and sentenced to be crucified. We remember this with a walk of witness, stark services and times of reflection.

Holy Saturday is a day of bereavement and emptiness until, in non Covid 19 times, gathering in the evening darkness outside the church we light the Easter fire and Paschal candle. Processing into the church, we celebrate the glorious miracle of the Resurrection through readings, hymns and candle-light.

The church is once again filled with flowers as celebrations continue on Easter Sunday, and there is a tangible sense of love, joy and hope on this most precious of days.



The Season of Easter runs from Easter Day until the Feast of Pentecost.
The Great Fifty Days of Eastertide form a single festal period in which the
theme of joy created at the Easter Vigil is sustained through the following
seven weeks, as the Church celebrates the Gloriously Risen Christ.