The Building

St George's Church has been through a lot. In 1791 a violent storm destroyed much of the church.

In 1618 two transepts were added along with a gallery. In 1791 a violent storm destroyed much of the church but during the next few years repairs were carried out. In the transepts there were faculty pews belonging to the Langley family and the rest of the church could seat 334 persons.

In 1871 the population of Beckenham was 6,700 but it increased to about 16,000 by 1883. After much discussion it was decided that a larger church be built on the site. The work was started in 1885, services continued without a break while the various sections were constructed. Apart from parts of the south transept (Wilson) window, the only remaining stained glass from the medieval church are high in the south clerestory. The final stages included the bell tower which was completed and then rededicated in 1903. Damage to the roof, stone work, windows and church yard monuments was caused in 1944 by two flying bomb which landed on the site that is now Beckenham Green.

After structural repairs were carried out services continued and various other alterations were made, including a reordering of the Sanctuary, the removal of the font to the north transept and a complete redecoration. More recent changes include the development of the vestry, the narthex, the servery and toilet, the office, and improvements to the sound and lighting.