St. George's Players

‘Welcome to the theatre, to the magic to the fun, Where painted trees and flowers grow and laughter rings fortissimo!’

That’s certainly what we aim at with our annual PANTOMIME. The quote comes from the Broadway show “APPLAUSE” of which we get our fair share.  Come along to our next performance and see for yourself.

Whilst the Pantomime is a mainstay of the Players, our interests stretch beyond comedy, and our Easter productions are often thought provoking and reflect the range of dramatic skills we encourage.

We’re a very friendly bunch and diverse in age from the young to the merely young at heart.

Newcomers are always welcome and we value members who are interested in everything that goes on behind the scenes, from set design and construction, lighting etc. to make-up and costumes, just as highly as those who are keen to be part of the action on stage.