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A message from St George parish church

The Rector writes ………….

To Be A Pilgrim
During Holy Week and Easter each year, we journey together as the worldwide Church and, at a local level, as the church family.  The destination is the resurrection of Jesus and on the way we relive and relearn the story through scripture and worship on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Eve and Easter Day.  
The resurrection is the triumph of the love of God over those that hate and those that kill.  On Easter morning God restores that which the world would kill and defeats all those powers that would deny the healing and hope that Jesus brought into the world.  God does not bring pain and suffering to humankind, instead God transforms human suffering to bring from it miraculous new life.  To see and recognise God in the crucified Jesus changes the places that we seek God in the world.  We begin to understand anew that we are more likely to encounter God amongst the marginalised and rejected, rather than with the rich and powerful.
After the resurrection Jesus asks his followers, ‘For whom are you looking?’  The answer is that they were looking for the one who taught them to serve one another, to be compassionate, to live in communion with each other, not to judge or condemn but to forgive, and to love each other as God loves us.  For all who follow Jesus today, the commandment he gave us to love one another as he loved us, asks us what the resurrection means for us every day.  If we follow his commandment how might that change the way we live together in our family and in our community?  If we follow his commandment how might that shape the way we welcome the stranger and those who are different from us?  If we follow Jesus’ commandment how might it change the way we communicate with those we disagree with?
At the end of our Easter pilgrimage we see again that Easter is about new life breaking into our world and transforming our assumptions about life and death.  For now, once again, we see that those who hate and those who kill do not have the last word; it is God who has the last word, and that word is love.