The Kingdom Come – 2021

13 – 23 May 2021


In the time between Ascension Day and Pentecost, Thy Kingdom Come is a gift to refresh our faith, especially if we felt isolated from our community or our Church during this difficult time. In these days of hopeful waiting and praying may we all be renewed by the Spirit; made new in Christ.

These Prayers have been adapted from  Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Journal on their website


Friday 14 May 2021

Faithful God,
help me to understand myself,
so that even in the most difficult times
I may know your presence with me and may sing your praises,
defiantly praising your goodness
even when there is so much that is wrong.
Help me today to show others
the good things I receive in Christ
and show the world His way.

Additional prayer resources may be found on Thy Kingdom Come Website including prayers for Families and Youth Reflections.