Faith News

A message from St George parish church

Fr Jeremy….Public Worship recommences on Sunday 5 July 2020

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ

I am delighted to inform you that St George’s Church will be open for worship on Sunday 5 July 2020. Our doors will open from 9.00 am for our Parish Eucharist at the usual time of 9.30 am. There will be no 8.00 am service and no Choral Evensong.

I am very grateful to those who have prepared the church for opening, for all their efforts and all their hard work in a short time-frame.

We are required to re-open in small steps so some things will be different, for example:

We are required to make a note of who is present for the purpose of Track and Trace;
We will provide single-use service books for you to take away and dispose of safely;
No refreshments will be served after the service;
Hand sanitisers are available – please use them;
There will be no choir and we will not be singing hymns;
Holy Communion will be administered by the President in one kind (communion wafer);
We are limited in terms of numbers due to safe distancing requirements (see photo below);
You will be directed to your seats and to receive Holy Communion by sidespeople;
We are unable to provide the usual facilities for young children at this time.

I am aware that some of our sisters and brothers will be unable to attend so the online worship will continue for the time being and will be posted after the 9.30 am service.

I look forward to welcoming you back to worship.

With love and prayers

Fr Jeremy

Seating capacity in the large pews will be for three individuals or one family-group, with two pews closed between.