Lent at St George’s

A Quiet Space

Whether or not you manage to attend one of the many Lent groups that are taking place over the weeks of Lent, you may like to take advantage of the Quiet Space in the South Transept (outside the Lady Chapel) where you can sit quietly, focus on a poster or a candle, and perhaps make use of the Lent booklet: Pilgrim Journeys: the Beatitudes.

This is structured around the text of Matthew 5. 3 – 10; Blessed …

The booklet offers a short Bible reading, with something to think about, respond to, and possibly act upon, all within the context of the Beatitudes.

You can follow it each day or just dip in.

The Quiet Space will be available whenever church is open, Monday – Saturday.

It will continue after Easter with a similar focus on The Lord’s Prayer and then, from Ascension to Pentecost, the ten days of Thy Kingdom Come.