National Day of Reflection 23 March 2021

On 23 March at 12 noon there will be one minute of silence to reflect on how we have all been affected during the past year.


O Lord, grant that, as we face the mystery of death, we may see the light of eternity.
We remember, Lord, the slenderness of the thread which separates life from death,
and the suddenness with which it can be broken.
Help us also to remember that we are surrounded by your love.


Gracious God, enable us to listen lovingly
to those around us who are in deep pain.
May we console each other
and find light in darkness and hope in the midst of despair.


God of life and love, we come to you for consolation.
Be with us as we experience the darkness of death and grief.
Be there in our sorrow and pain; be with us in our fear,
that we may find light in darkness, comfort in your presence
and hope knowing we are supported by your loving arms.


God, our Father,
we pray that those who are grieving
may be given comfort and renewed confidence
and that they may find courage as they continue their lives.

We pray for those who are unable to overcome their sorrow.
that you will be with them to share the burden they bear.

We pray for those who have to go on living alone
after the death of their partner;
for those who mourn the death of a child or a close friend;
for all who have suffered a great loss;
and for those who are lonely in life and death,
that you may hold them in your heart.

God our Father, you are always close to us
and you hear the cries of those who mourn.
Listen now to our prayers and grant them
through Christ our Lord.


 Rosemary for Remembrance